Hello, nobody
Sun, Feb 7, 2021

It’s really happening. The first post on my new blog. Now I’ll be able to share my thoughts with millions of people.

Or maybe not. Hi mom.

Aren’t blogs so 2003?

Probably, but I’m not sure there’s a better online medium for long form written content. I’m using this as a way to share some of my thoughts on various topics and practice written communication. Most of the topics will be technology and software development related because those are things I’m most familiar with.

I’ve chosen to self host the site instead of using a blogging platform because I’m a developer, and every problem always has a solution that involves writing some amount of code if you’re a developer. I’m not crazy enough to write my own blogging platform though, I use hugo to process the markdown of the posts and generate static HTML. The site also uses tailwind for the styling. The design is done by me, but don’t judge too harshly because I’m not a designer. Everything is stored in a github repository, built with Cloudbuild on GCP and hosted via Firebase. All of these technologies were chosen because I wasn’t familiar with them, so this gave me an opportunity to try them.

I’m not comitting to any specific frequency for posting. I’ll just write things as I come up with them.

Thanks for reading.

— Beardo